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Combination of supramolecular cross-linking with covalent cross-linking through epoxide ring-opening including gel studies

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Author: Hofmeier, H. · El-Ghayoury, A. · Schubert, U.S.
Publisher: European Polymer Federation
Institution: TNO Industrie en Techniek
Source:E-Polymers, 1, 3
Identifier: 573210
Article number: 053
Keywords: Materials · Acrylic monomers · Esters · Free radicals · Covalent crosslinking · Epoxide groups · Epoxide ring opening · Non-covalent · Swelling behaviour · Free radical polymerization


Terpolymers based on poly(methyl methacrylate), containing terpyridinemoieties as well as epoxide groups, were synthesized via free-radical polymerization. The products were cross-linked non-covalently with iron(II) ions and covalently by treatment with AlCl3. Both steps could be combined in different order. The non-covalent cross-linking could be reversed by applying a strong competing ligand. The swelling behaviour of the polymers was investigated.