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Ecodriver. D41.1: Performance indicators and ecoDriver test design

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Author: Kircher, K. · Ahlström, C. · Blanco, R. · Brouwers, R.F.T. · et al
Publisher: European Union
Place: Brussels
Source:Version 6
Identifier: 567405
Keywords: Traffic · Mobility · Human Performances · PCS - Perceptual and Cognitive Systems · ELSS - Earth, Life and Social Sciences


This deliverable details the proposed assessment approaches and the design of field trials for data provision. Research questions and objectives of the project were divided into three major themes: user acceptance, behaviour, as well as energy use and emissions, which led to the formation of 24 hypotheses in total. A large number of Performance Indicators were identified, which will be used to validate the hypotheses. These Performance Indicators were grouped into 16 categories, covering the aforementioned three research themes. To provide empirical data for validating the hypotheses and answering the research questions, a series of field trials will be taken place in SP3. There are 12 fleets of vehicles, across 7 countries and covering a wide range of vehicle types. This deliverable outlines experimental design of the field trials, including fleet specifications, participant recruitment, route selection, test procedures, and data collection protocol etc. There are similarities but also individual characteristics of these experimental designs across the fleets and test sites, in order to produce all necessary data for addressing the research questions.