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Improving human capital for SOCS and CSIRTS: a collection need for individial compentencies

Author: Jansen-Ferdinandus, G.R. · Buiel, E.F.T. · Meiler, P.P. · Verburgh, T.
Publisher: TNO
Identifier: 858107
Keywords: Robotics · Cyber · Security · Cybersecurity · SOCS · CSIRTS · Human capital · NCSC · Dutch Cyber Cube Method · ENISA · GMU · ICT · Workforce development strategies · NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NIST) · QIS · European e-Competence Framework 3.0 (CEN) · CERT skill list (CMU SEI) · Handbook CSIRT Effectiveness and Social Maturity (GMU)


The increasing labour shortage of skilled ICT personnel forces SOC and CSIRT organisations to prioritize the services they offer and optimise their workforce development strategies. Our review of currently available frameworks shows that there is no single framework that provides a complete solution to identify the required competencies of SOC and CSIRT personnel based on the services an organisation offers. We therefore introduce the Dutch Cyber Cube Method to combine the strengths of three frameworks published by ENISA, NIST, and GMU. Combining these frameworks allows for a step-wise analysis to identify the services an organisation offers, the work roles contributing to those services, and the associated tasks and competencies. reviewers J.G.M van de Ven (TNO), B. van der Kamp (NCSC), A.C. (Allard) Kernkamp (TNO) in collaboration with NCSC (Nationaal Cyber Security Centrum).