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Photocrosslinking of ferroelectric polymers and its application in three-dimensional memory arrays

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Author: Breemen, A.J.J.M. van · Putten, J.B.P.H. van der · Cai, R. · Reimann, K. · Marsman, A.W. · Willard, N. · Leeuw, D.M. de · Gelinck, G.H.
Source:APL: Organic Electronics and Photonics, 5, 4
Identifier: 430686
Article number: No.: 183302
Keywords: Electronics · Ferroelectric capacitors · Ferroelectric polymers · Ferroelectric property · Memory array · Non-crosslinked films · Non-volatile · Patterned layers · Photo-initiator · Photocross-linking · Photolithography process · Ferroelectric devices · Ferroelectricity · Photolithography · Polymers · Three dimensional · Ferroelectric films · Mechatronics, Mechanics & Materials · HOL - Holst · TS - Technical Sciences


An I-line photolithography process for ferroelectric polymers is developed. It is based on photocrosslinking using a bisazide photoinitiator. Patterned layers were realized down to 1-2 µm resolution. Crosslinking yields a close-to-insoluble ferroelectric polymer network that counter intuitively has similar ferroelectric properties as a noncrosslinked film. The negative process is used to stack ferroelectric films on top of each other to make three-dimensional cross-bar arrays of nonvolatile ferroelectric capacitor memories. © 2011 American Institute of Physics.