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Deliverable 2. Methodology framework, Update. COBRA Cooperative Benefits for Road Authorities

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Author: Faber, F. · Noort, M. van · Hopkin, J. · Ball, S. · Vermaat, P. · Nitsche, P. · Deix, S.
Publisher: TNO
Identifier: 505875
Report number: TNO-060-DTM-2013-01482
Keywords: Traffic · Reliable Mobility Systems · Mobility · Organisation · SMb - Smart Mobility · EELS - Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences


The COBRA project aims to help road authorities to position themselves to optimally benefit from changes in the field of cooperative systems. It does so by providing insight on the costs and benefits of investments, both from a societal perspective and a business case perspective. These insights will be given based on a decision support tool that allows for the comparison of costs and (monetised) benefits of cooperative services in various contexts. This document presents the user requirements for the decision support tool, and the feasibility and scope. It also shows the architecture of the tool. Finally the methodology to determine impacts and translate those to costs and benefits is reported. Figure 1 shows a schematic overview of that methodology, which is further explained in this document. The methodology consists of two main parts. The first part is the impact assessment. The impacts of the systems are determined in terms of the maximum effectiveness at 100% penetration of equipped vehicles, the actual penetration in the assumed scenario and the current situation in terms of traffic indicators for safety, efficiency and environment. The second part is the benefit cost analysis. It includes the deployment scenarios, societal benefit cost calculations and calculations of the business case for the road authority. The figure also shows whether a component is calculated in the decision support tool, whether is it is input by the user of the tool, or whether it is a parameter included at the development of the tool