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Green's function based equivalent circuits for connected arrays in transmission and in reception

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Author: Cavallo, D. · Neto, A. · Gerini, G.
Source:IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, May, 5, 59, 1535-1545
Identifier: 429735
doi: doi:10.1109/TAP.2011.2123063
Keywords: Physics · Green's function · printed dipole · Connected arrays · Dual-band · Electromagnetic field distribution · Equivalent network · Printed dipole · Total power · Antenna arrays · Differential equations · Receiving antennas · Reflection · Reverberation · Equivalent circuits · Physics & Electronics · RAD - Radar Technology · TS - Technical Sciences


Connected arrays constitute the only family of antenna arrays for which the spectral Green's Functions have been derived analytically. This formalism is extended here to the receiving case. When the arrays are assumed to be infinitely extended and periodically excited, rigorous equivalent networks can be derived to represent the electromagnetic field distribution in transmission and/or reception. These equivalent networks are based on Green's functions, thus each components can be associated with a specific physical wave mechanism. Moreover, all components are evaluated analytically. The total power transmitted, received and/or scattered by a connected array with and without backing reflector is discussed. The full efficiency of an array with backing reflector is demonstrated and explained. Finally, measurements from a dual-band connected array prototype validate the equivalent circuit representation.