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Accurate determination of process variables in a solid-state fermentation system

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Author: Smits, J.P. · Rinzema, A. · Tramper, J. · Schlösser, E.E. · Knol, W.
Institution: TNO Voeding
Source:Process Biochemistry, 7, 31, 669-678
Identifier: 233608
doi: doi:10.1016/S0032-9592(96)00019-2
Keywords: Nutrition · adenosine triphosphate · carboxymethylcellulose · hydrolase · analytic method · article · carbon dioxide transport · chemical composition · diagnostic accuracy · fermentation · oxygen consumption · solid state · trichoderma reesei · wheat bran · Hypocrea jecorina · Trichoderma · Triticum aestivum


The solid-state fermentation (SSF) method described enabled accurate determination of variables related to biological activity. Growth, respiratory activity and production of carboxymethyl-cellulose-hydrolysing enzyme (CMC-ase) activity by Trichoderma reesei QM9414 on wheat bran was used as a model SSF. The standard deviation (s) of measured substrate weight loss and glucosamine content, and the overall standard deviation of oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and carbon-dioxide production rate (CPR) after 72 h of fermentation were less than 7% of the mean measured values. A statistical method to estimate the standard deviation of time-dependent data is presented. A closed carbon balance could be set up with the results of the measurements of CPR, elemental composition and chemical composition, indicating the reliability of the methods used. Measurements of CMC-ase activity were less accurate due to interaction between substrate and product. The measurement of the ATP level was also less accurate.