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Road traffic noise and annoyance: A quantification of the effect of quiet side exposure at dwellings

Author: Kluizenaar, Y. de · Janssen, S.A. · Vos, H. · Salomons, E.M. · Zhou, H. · Berg, F. van den
Source:International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 6, 10, 22582270
Identifier: 474200
Keywords: Acoustics and Audiology Traffic · Environmental noise · Exposure assessment · Noise annoyance · Quiet side · Road traffic noise · Transmission modeling · Urban Development · Built Environment · Earth & Environment · UES - Urban Environment & Safety · EELS - Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences


Previous studies indicate that residents may benefit from a "quiet side" to their dwellings. The influence of the level of road traffic noise exposure at the least exposed side on road traffic noise annoyance was studied in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Road traffic noise exposure was assessed at the most and least exposed façade (Lden,most and Lden least respectively) of dwellings for subjects in a population based survey (N = 1,967). It was investigated if and to what extent relative quietness at the least exposed façade affected the level of road traffic noise annoyance by comparing two groups: (1) The subgroup with a relatively quiet façade; (2) the subgroup without a relatively quiet façade (large versus small difference in exposure between most and least exposed façade; DIF ≥ 10 dB and DIF < 10 dB respectively). In addition, it was investigated if and to what extent Lden,leastaffected the level of road traffic noise annoyance. Results indicate a significantly lower road traffic noise annoyance score at a given Lden,most in the subgroup with DIF ≥ 10 dB versus DIF < 10 dB. Furthermore, results suggest an effect of Lden,leastindependent of Lden,most. The estimated size of the effect expressed in an equivalent change in Lden,most approximated 5 dB for both the difference between the two subgroups (DIF ≥ 10 dB and DIF < 10 dB), and for a 10 dB change in Lden,least. © 2013 by the authors; licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.