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EBL2: high power EUV exposure facility

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Author: Sligte, E. te · Koster, N.B. · Molkenboer, F.T. · Walle, P. van der · Muilwijk, P.M. · Mulckhuyse, W.F.W. · Oostdijck, B.W. · Hollemans, C.L. · Nijland, B.A.H. · Kerkhof, P.J. · Putten, M. van · Hoogstrate A.M. · Deutz, A.F.
Publisher: SPIE
Source:Kasprowicz, B.S.Buck, P.D., Photomask Technology, 12 September 2016, San José CA, USA
Identifier: 574515
Keywords: Electronics · EUVL mask · EUV exposure · EUVL pellicle · EUV metrology · Lifetime research · High Tech Systems & Materials · Industrial Innovation · Nano Technology · NI - Nano Instrumentation OM - Opto-Mechatronics · TS - Technical Sciences


TNO is building EBL2: a laboratory EUV exposure system capable of operating at high broad band EUV powers and intensities, in which XPS analysis of exposed samples is possible without breaking vacuum. Its goal is to accelerate the development and testing of EUV optics and components by providing a publicly accessible exposure and analysis facility. The system can accept a range of sample sizes, including standard EUV reticles with or without pellicles. In the beam line, EUV masks and other samples can be exposed to EUV radiation in a controlled environment that is representative of actual operating conditions. This contribution will describe the design of the EUV beam line.