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Dielectric interface-dependent spatial charge distribution in ambipolar polymer semiconductors embedded in dual-gate field-effect transistors

Author: Lee, J. · Roelofs, W.S.C. · Janssen, R.A.J. · Gelinck, G.H.
Publisher: American Institute of Physics Inc.
Source:Applied Physics Letters, 4, 109
Identifier: 546227
doi: doi:10.1063/1.4960096
Article number: 043301
Keywords: Charge distribution · Organic polymers · Octadecyltrichlorosilane · ODTS · Organic dielectric layers · Polymer semiconductors · Spatial charge distribution · Field effect transistors · Industrial Innovation · Nano Technology · HOL - Holst · TS - Technical Sciences


The spatial charge distribution in diketopyrrolopyrrole-containing ambipolar polymeric semiconductors embedded in dual-gate field-effect transistors (DGFETs) was investigated. The DGFETs have identical active channel layers but two different channel/gate interfaces, with a CYTOP™ organic dielectric layer for the top-gate and an octadecyltrichlorosilane (ODTS) self-assembled monolayer-treated inorganic SiO2 dielectric for the bottom-gate, respectively. Temperature-dependent transfer measurements of the DGFETs were conducted to examine the charge transport at each interface. By fitting the temperature-dependent measurement results to the modified Vissenberg-Matters model, it can be inferred that the top-channel interfacing with the fluorinated organic dielectric layers has confined charge transport to two-dimensions, whereas the bottom-channel interfacing with the ODTS-treated SiO2 dielectric layers has three-dimensional charge transport.