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The planktonic diatom flora of a high arctic lake in East Greenland

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Author: Cremer, H.
Institution: TNO Bouw en Ondergrond
Source:Nordic Journal of Botany, 2, 24, 235-244
Identifier: 239546
Keywords: Geosciences · community composition · diatom · lacustrine environment · morphology · oligotrophic environment · physicochemical property · taxonomy · water depth · Arctic · Greenland · Bacillariophyta · Cyclotella ocellata · Fragilaria tenera · Gavia arctica


The physico-chemical characteristics and the planktonic diatom flora were studied in high arctic Loon Lake (Geographical Society Ø, East Greenland). Loon Lake is a cold, monomictic, alkaline, low conductive and likely oligotrophic lake with a maximum water depth of 11.70 m and a low diversity of planktonic diatoms. In summer 2003, the lake-water diatom community consisted of three taxa: frustules belonging to the morphologically highly variable Cyclotella ocellata-polymorpharossii-tripartita-complex were most abundant, and both Discostella pseudostelligera and Fragilaria tenera were of minor importance. The morphological variability of the three diatom taxa is documented by light micrographs.