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Risk comparison of LPG and petrol vehicles in public car parks

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Author: Molag, M. · Steen, M. van der
Publisher: TNO
Institution: TNO Milieu, Energie en Procesinnovatie TNO Wegtransportmiddelen
Source:AEGPL Conference, 21-22 May 1998, Budapest, Hungary
Identifier: 362569
Keywords: LPG vehicles · Petrol vehicles · Car parks · Garages


LPG is generally considered as a clean fuel for cars in comparison with petrol. Although from an environmentally point of view LPG may be favoured, a further introduction of the use of the fuel is hindered by legislative measures. In some countries cars running on LPG are not allowed to enter public parking garages and tunnels, because of the higher perceived risk upon release of LPG as a result of an accident or a leakage of the system. In order to obtain a better view on the difference of risk if no limitations would exist for public parking garages, a risk assessment was carried out on a standard system running on petrol and on a conventional LPG system, a gaseous injection system as well as a LPG liquid injection system. This paper describes the systems that have been analysed, the applied risk assessment methodology, the results of the risk analysis. Finally, conclusions and recommendations are given.