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Direct Laser Write (DLW) as a versatile tool in manufacturing templates for imprint lithography on flexible substrates

Author: Ivan, M.G. · Vaney, J.B. · Verhaart, D. · Meinders, E.R.
Institution: TNO Industrie en Techniek
Source:Alternative Lithographic Technologies, 24-26 February 2009, San Jose, CA, USA, 7271
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering
Identifier: 279986
ISBN: 9780819475244
Article number: No.: 72711S
Keywords: Electronics · Direct laser write · Flexible substrate · Hot embossing · Nanoimprint lithography · Plastic electronics · Silicon template · Direct laser write · Disposable biosensor · Drain electrodes · Etch depth · Feature sizes · Flexible substrate · Hot embossing · Imprint lithography · Metallic circuits · Metallic layers · Plasma dry etching · Plastic electronics · Plastic substrates · SEM · Versatile tools · Biosensors · Computer control systems · Lasers · Nanoimprint lithography · Optical microscopy · Plasma etching · Plastics · Semiconducting silicon compounds · Silicon wafers · Substrates · Industrial Innovation


A computer-controlled laser beam recorder with a wavelength of 405 nm has been employed for patterning the deposited resist with feature sizes varying from a few hundreds of nanometers to tens of micrometers. Four inch silicon templates for hot embossing source/ drain electrodes and metallic circuit for a disposable biosensor were obtained. SEM and optical microscopy reveal accurate transfer of developed photoresist structures into the underlying silicon wafer after plasma dry etching. Etch depths between 100 - 600 nm were obtained on the templates, and were further transferred into the imprinted plastic substrate and the metallic layer. © 2009 SPIE.