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Double Structure Broadband Leaky Wave Antenna

Author: Neto, A. · Dijk, R. van · Filippo, M.
Place: Delft
Identifier: 462584
Report number: US2008266197
Keywords: Leaky wave antennas · General · General · Physics & Electronics · RT - Radar Technology · TS - Technical Sciences


A leaky wave antenna contains a first and a second leaky wave antenna structure back to back against each other. Each antenna structure comprises a dielectric body and an elongated wave carrying structure, such as a slot in a conductive ground plane. In each leaky wave antenna structure the body and wave carrying structure are mutually arranged to radiate a leaky wave from the wave carrying structure through the dielectric body, the leaky wave radiating at a respective angle to the wave carrying structure. The dielectric bodies of the first and second wave antenna structure adjoin each other in a common plane that is at said respective angles to the wave carrying structures of the first and second wave antenna structure respectively, so that the ground planes are at an angle with respect to each other.; The respective wave carrying structures run over into each other at said common plane, the antenna comprising a feed arranged to excite waves in both the respective wave carrying structures together. In this way bandwidth limitations due to the feed structure are reduced.