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Analysis of shallow-water acoustic communication channel


Author: Walree, P.A. van · Gijzen, M.B. van · Simons, D.G.
Publisher: Office for Official Publications of the European Communities
Place: Luxembourg
Institution: TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium
Source:Zakharia, M.E., Proceedings of the 5th European conference on underwater acoustics, ECUA 2000, 10-13 July 2000, Villeurbanne, France. Vol.I, 561-566
Identifier: 95351
Keywords: Underwater communication · Shallow water · Acoustic communication


This paper analyses the physical characteristics of the acoustic channel during the ROBLINKS underwater communication experiments. It is demonstrated that marginal changes of the sound speed profile have profound effect on the propagation in the shallow- water environment, and hence on the quality of acoustic communication links. Further, the Doppler spread experienced by the sound appears to be partly due to movements of the vertival receiver hydrophone array. Typical values for the time spread and Doppler spread are 10 ms and Δ ƒ / f0 = 2 χ 10 , in a channel with a 20-m depth and a length of several km.