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Life cycle cost analysis of cathodic protection of concrete. A case study

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Author: Polder, R.B. · Bakker, J.D. · Postema, F.J.
Institution: TNO Bouw
Source:Polder, R.B., Proceedings COST 521 Workshop, Utrecht, NL, 30 September-1 October, 1-5
Identifier: 329257
Keywords: Architecture and Building · Concrete · Cathodic protection · Cost analysis


As a case study, the cost of applying cathodic protection (CP) to the columns and beams supporting two bridges was compared to the cost of replacement (due to reinforcement corrosion). All costs during the service life of the CP system were considered: initial cost, annual checks, maintenance of anode systems and specialist supervision. It was found that in this example CP is more economic than replacement for service periods of 38 to 50 years for a conductive coating and a titanium mesh/overlay system, respectively. A condUctive coating system is more economic than titanium mesh until 25 years of service. For more pessimistic and more optimistic estimates for the service life of the anode system and the net rate of interest, CP is more economic than replacement for periods between 20 and 90 years