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Interactive stereoscopy optimization for head-mounted displays

Author: Min, P. · Jense, G.J.
Place: Bellingham, WA.
Institution: TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium
Source:Fisher, S.S.Merrit, J.O.Bolas, M.T., Stereoscopic Displays and Virtual Reality Systems, 8-10 February 1994, San Jose, CA, 306-316
Proceedings of SPIE
Identifier: 94702
Report number: SPIE-2177
Keywords: Physics · Imaging systems · Interactive computer systems · Mathematical models · Optimization · Stereo vision · Virtual reality · Head mounted displays · Orthostereoscopy · Stereoscopic imaging · Display devices


In current virtual environment systems, the stereoscopic images presented in a head-mounted display are far from optimal. The aim is to achieve orthostereoscopy, which roughly means images should `behave as in real life.' A theoretical model of stereoscopic optics was used to implement a test and optimization system. Tests were devised to analyze the importance of many stereoscopy related parameters. The system's capability to independently set these parameters allows an optimization of the stereoscopic images, given the limitations of the display device used.