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Rating environmental noise on the basis of noise maps

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Author: Miedema, H.M.E. · Borst, H.C.
Institution: TNO Bouw en Ondergrond
Source:6th European Conference on Noise Control: Advanced Solutions for Noise Control, EURONOISE 2006, 30 May 2006 through 1 June 2006, Tampere, 1-7
Identifier: 463738
Keywords: Environment Acoustics and Audiology · Ambient noise · Environmental noise · Exposure-response relationships · Neighbourhood · Noise annoyance · Noise exposure · Noise map · Noise metrics · Sleep disturbances · Acoustic noise · Acoustic variables control · Sleep research · Noise pollution


A system that rates noise on the basis of noise maps has been developed which is based on empirical exposure-response relationships, so that effects in the community will be lower if the system gives a better rating. It is consistent with noise metrics and effect endpoint chosen in the EU, i.e., it uses L</field>den and L</field>night and predicts annoyance and self-reported sleep disturbance. In addition, it is sensitive to changes in the acoustical situation that affect noise annoyance and sleep disturbance but are not reflected in L</field>den or L</field>night, by taking also into account sound insulation, quiet side of the dwelling, and ambient noise in the neighbourhood. To give a more complete insight in effects, it predicts, in addition to annoyance and sleep disturbance, cardiovascular effects and gives insight in quiet areas. It produces ratings not only for individual types of sources, but also for the total noise exposure. Finally, it is formulated so that it can be translated into algorithms which calculate the ratings automatically from noise maps.