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Advanced cabin design : how to improve comfort and performance by progressive cabin design

Author: Bronkhorst, R.E. · Looze, M.P. de
Publisher: TNO
Place: Hoofddorp
Identifier: 175098
ISBN: 90-5986-113-2
Keywords: Workplace · Lichaamshouding · Lichaamsbeweging · Werkplekinrichting · Vervoer over de weg · Autoindustrie · Bedrijfsautos · Trucks · Vrachtautos · Chauffeurs · Veilig ontwerp · Prestatie · Welzijn · Afmetingen werkruimte


In the automotive industry comfort has become an important issue. In the last decade, the word has entered the world of professional equipment builders like earthmoving machines (wheel loaders, excavators), forklift trucks, cranes, trucks, busses etcetera. comfort nowadays is the buzzword in all those industries where vehicles and cabins are manufactured. Manufacturers became more user oriented focusing on the people working in cabins for prolonged periods of time. Manufacturers aim at optimizing the extra feel of well-being with these users. Equipment builders are also aware of the fact that comfort increasingly affects purchase decisions with new machines. Comfort has become a sales item in the professional world, emphasized in many brochures. Especially those people with a prolonged exposure in the cab may profit as their daily working conditions improve. In this book various examples are offered of how to create comfort through extra space, improved posture, a different steering system, a better view and so on.