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Complex event processing for content-based text, image, and video retrieval

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Author: Bowman, E.K. · Broome, B.D. · Holland, V.M. · Summers-Stay, D. · Rao, R.M. · Duselis, J. · Howe, J. · Madahar, B.K. · Boury-Brisset, A.C. · Forrester, B. · Kwantes, P. · Burghouts, G. · Huis, J. van · Mulayim, A.Y.
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
Source:2016 International Conference on Military Communications and Information Systems, ICMCIS 2016, 23 May 2016 through 24 May 2016
Identifier: 546200
doi: doi:10.1109/ICMCIS.2016.7496546
ISBN: 9781509017775
Article number: 7496546
Keywords: content-based analytics · event prediction · knowledge generation · multimedia data sources · sensemaking · Complex networks · Information retrieval · Information systems · Military applications · Military communications · Video signal processing · Content-based · Event prediction · Knowledge generations · Multimedia data · Sensemaking · Data mining · 2015 Observation, Weapon & Protection Systems · II - Intelligent Imaging · TS - Technical Sciences


This report summarizes the findings of an exploratory team of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Information Systems Technology panel into Content-Based Analytics (CBA). The team carried out a technical review into the current status of theoretical and practical developments of methods, tools and techniques supporting joint exploitation of multimedia data sources. In particular, content-based information retrieval and analytics was considered as a means to allow military experts to exploit multiple data sources in a rapid fashion for sensemaking and knowledge generation. Elements included contextual understanding of complex events through computational/human processing techniques, event prediction through the automated extraction of network features, temporal trends, hidden clusters and resource flows, and the use of machine processing for automated translation, parsing, information extraction, and summarization of unstructured and semistructured data. The main conclusions of the study are that important research gaps exist in all the technical areas covered in this report. Though the research areas and developments are being advanced in the military sector and the civil sector, in particular, they remain at low levels of technical maturity for defense and security system applications. It is recommended that NATO collaborative research effort be expanded to advance those approaches that are most pertinent to our overall aim of enhancing the contextual understanding of complex events through CBA of heterogeneous multimedia streams. © 2016 IEEE.