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Coagulation factor VII, serum-triglycerides and the R/Q353 polymorphism: Differences between older men and women

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Author: Mennen, L.I. · Maat, M.P.M. de · Schouten, E.G. · Kluft, C. · Jong, P.T.V.M. de · Hofman, A. · Grobbee, D.E.
Institution: Gaubius Instituut TNO
Source:Thrombosis and Haemostasis, 3, 78, 984-986
Identifier: 234018
Keywords: Biology · Blood clotting factor 7 · Triacylglycerol · Adult · Aged · Allele · Cardiovascular risk · Controlled study · Genetic association · Genetic polymorphism · Genotype · Human cell · Major clinical study · Regression analysis · Sex difference · Triacylglycerol blood level · Aging · Alleles · Factor VII · Female · Genotype · Humans · Male · Middle Aged · Polymorphism, Genetic · Sex Characteristics · Triglycerides


Coagulation factor VII activity (FVII:C) is a risk indicator for cardiovascular disease. It is related to serum-triglycerides and the R/Q353 polymorphism (alleles R and Q) in the gene coding for factor VII is strongly associated with factor VU[. The association of serum-triglycerides with factor VII may differ between the genotypes, but the results of earlier studies were inconsistent and did not include older people. We studied FVII, triglycerides and the R/Q353 polymorphism in the Rotterdam Study. In 1158 older subjects (489 men and 669 women) FVII:C, factor VII:Chr, serum-triglycerides and the R/Q353-genotype were determined. In women triglycerides were positively associated with FVII:Chr and FVII:C (FVII:Chr: β = 12.4% PP/mmol/L, CI: 10.3-14.5; FVII:C: β = 13.1% PP/mmol/L, CI: 10.4-15.8). These associations varied by genotype (FVII:Chr:RR: β = 11.7, CI: 9.6-13.8, RQ/QQ: β = 7.9, CI: 4.6-11.2; FRII:C: RR: β = 12.5, CI: 9.5-15.5, RQ/QQ: β = 6.4, CI: In men, the associations of FVII:Chr and FVII:C with triglycerides were weaker (FVII:Chr: β = 5.9, CI: 4.1-7.7; FVII:C: β = 8.7, CI: 6.2-11.2). There was no difference between the genotype groups. These results suggest that only in older women the strength of the association of factor VII with serum-triglycerides varies according to genotype of the R/Q353 polymorphism.