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Job creation and the quality of working life : a preliminary study from six member states


Author: Symes, V. · Kurjenoja, J. · Fouquet, A. · Hoffman, H. · Haam, F. de · Smit, A. · Collado, J.C. · Cressey, P.
Publisher: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions
Place: Dublin
Institution: TNO Preventie en Gezondheid
Working Paper
Identifier: 168223
Report number: WP/97/63/EN
Keywords: Workplace · Humanisering van de arbeid · Kwaliteit van de arbeid · Scheppende arbeid · Vraag en aanbod op arbeidsmarkt · Arbeidsmarktpolitiek · Arbeidsvoorziening · Conjuncturele werkloosheid · Welzijn · Chronische werkloosheid · Langdurige werkloosheid · Uitkeringen sociale verzekeringen · Eeg-landen


This study was designed to explore the question "Is quality of work an important factor in explaining the success of job creation schemes?". This was done by looking at the results of previous evaluations in six Member States. Nine million people in the European Union were long-term unemployed in 1995 and the proportion of the unemployed jobless for longer than a year was growing in nearly all countries. The most affected were unskilled, women, ethnic minorities, those with health problems and workers in depressed areas. The report concludes that, although there were some indications of the importance of quality of work in the success of job creation, the information was piecemeal and inadequate for purposes of comparison or to reach any definitive conclusions that could be useful to policy makers.