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Autonomous Forest Fire Detection

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Author: Breejen, E. den · Breuers, M. · Cremer, F. · Kemp, R.A.W. · Roos, M. · Schutte, K. · Vries, J.S. de
Publisher: ADAI - Associacao para o Desenvolvimento da Aerodinamica Industrial
Place: Coimbra, Portugal
Institution: TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium
Source:Viegas, D.X., Proceedings of the III International Conference on Forest Fire Research and 14th Conference on Fire and Forest Meteorology held in Luso, Coimbra, Portugal on 16-20 November 1998, Vol.II, 2003-2012
Identifier: 95141
Keywords: Physics


Forest fire detection is a very important issue in the pre-suppression process. Timely detection allows the suppression units to reach the fire in its initial stages and this will reduce the suppression costs considerably. The autonomous forest fire detection principle is based on temporal contrast differences with the natural background and spatial characteristics of the smoke plume. The images are obtained from multiple staring black and white video cameras installed on a small platform in a tower. To reduce the bandwidth of the needed communication link with the operational centre, all processing is performed locally at the tower, The detection algorithm sends alarm messages with the co-ordinates of the location of the fire automatically and on request images or system status are sent.