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DriftLess™, an innovative method to estimate and compensate for the biases of inertial sensors

Author: Ruizenaar, M.G.H. · Kemp, R.A.W.
Publisher: NIN
Place: Rotterdam
Source:Proceedings of the ENC-GNSS 2014, the European Navigation Conference, 15-17 April 2014, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Identifier: 500950
Keywords: Marine · Indoor navigation · Drifting · Inertial navigation · Inertial sensors · Micro electro-mechanical systems MEMS · Signal processing · Bias compensation · High Tech Systems & Materials · Industrial Innovation · Physics & Electronics · DSS - Distributed Sensor Systems ; II - Intelligent Imaging · TS - Technical Sciences


In this paper a method is presented that allows for bias compensation of low-cost MEMS inertial sensors. It is based on the use of two sets of inertial sensors and a rotation mechanism that physically rotates the sensors in an alternating fashion. After signal processing, the biases of both sets of sensors are estimated and compensated for, resulting in a virtually bias free inertial sensor. A demonstrator has been build. First results with a test of the demonstrator in an airborne application show that the bias of low-cost MEMS gyroscopes can be reduced to less than 20 deg/hr. Further improvements up to a 2 deg/hr level are demonstrated in the laboratory. Lab-tests have shown that the bias of low-cost accelerometers can be reduced to below 0.1 mg.