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Audi Duo demonstration project: environmental comparision and user survey

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Author: Hendriksen, P. · Elst, D.A.M.M. · Riemersma, I.J. · Smokers, R.T.M. · Bosch, A. van den · Scheepers, M. · Arkel, W. van · Volkers, C.
Source:17th Electric Vehicle Symposium 17 (EVS-17), 13-18 October, 2000, Montreal, Canada
Identifier: 362264
Keywords: Traffic · Hybrid electric-powered vehicles · Performance testing · Environmental effects · Demonstration programs · Public opinion · Fuel consumption · Data acquisition


This paper describes the results and conclusions of a methodology for the assessment of environmental performance. This methodology was applied to a demonstration project conducted in the Netherlands with 10 Audi Duo parallel hybrid vehicles. During the course of the project, the vehicles were driven by a wide range of users and user groups. By means of a user survey, ECN Policy Studies has investigated the user patterns and experiences of all users. 3 vehicles were equipped with an extensive on-board monitoring system developed by TNO Automotive, recording speed-time patterns and various driveline parameters such as driving mode (diesel/electric/hybrid), battery parameters (current, voltage and state-of-charge), accelerator pedal position, gear position, temperatures and fuel consumption. Based on the outcome of the user surveys and the recorded vehicle data, a set of representative driving cycles was developed for specific 'fields of application'. On a chassis dynamometer, the Audi Duo was tested on these cycles for the evaluation of energy use and emissions. The results were compared with measurements on a reference vehicle to provide insight in the environment benefits of the Audi Duo under various real-life conditions, and the relation to user behaviour. On the basis of how these results have contributed to make an objective comparision possible, the practicability of the assessment methodology is evaluated.