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Carbon and particle removal from EUV reticles by shielded microwave induced remote plasma

Author: Koster, N.B. · Molkenboer, F. · Veldhoven, E. van · Maas, D.J. · Verberk, R.
Institution: TNO Industrie en Techniek
Source:EUVL Symposium, Kobe, Japan, October 18, 2010
Identifier: 462702
Keywords: Electronics · Industrial Innovation · Physics & Electronics · NI - Nano Instrumentation · TS - Technical Sciences


For EUVL to be successful it is essential that reticles can be made without defects and that they can be cleaned without causing any damage. Contamination of reticles can be in two ways: particles due to handling can cause printable defects and carbon contamination due to residual hydrocarbons can cause change in CD and loss of throughput. We have shown in previous work that our Shielded Microwave Induced Remote Plasma (SMIRP) is excellent for cleaning EUV multilayer mirrors without any damage. In this presentation we show that SMIRP also can be used to clean EUVL reticles.