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The control of equilibrium in bimanual, whole-body lifting tasks : a biomechanical approach

Author: Commissaris, D.A.C.M.
Publisher: Vrije Universiteit (VU)
Place: Amsterdam
Institution: TNO Arbeid
Identifier: 167328
ISBN: 90-9010-567-0
Keywords: Workplace · Tillen · Rugklachten · Hernia · Nederland · Mircheck · Tijdstudie · Bewegingsstudies · Beweging · Technische voorlichting


The issues addressed in this thesis concern the control of equilibrium in a bimanual, wholebody lifting task. This task comprises the forward bending of the trunk and the lowering of the whole body to grasp an object with two hands, followed by the lifting of the object to waist or chest level. After a general introduction in chapter 1 a biomechanical analysis of dynamic multi-joints movements is discussed in chapter 2. Chapter 3 and 4 review the coordination of movement and equilibrium as a synergy between upper body and lower segments controls equilibrium, and with a key role for the ankle muscles. In chapter 5 attention is given to anticipatory postural adjustments in a bimanual, whole-body lifting task with an object of known weight, and in chapter 6 to load knowledge affects low-back loading and control of balance in lifting tasks. Finally, in chapter 7 the question is put forward, if regulation of the anterior-posterior centre of mass position the leading principle is in the organization of postural adjustments in a bimanual, whole-body lifting task.