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Laser Dazzling of Focal Plane Array Cameras

Author: Schleijpen, H.M.A. · Heuvel, J.C. van den · Mieremet, A.J. · Mellier, B. · Putten, F.J.M. van
Publisher: SPIE
Place: Bellingham, WA
Institution: TNO Defensie en Veiligheid
Source:Holst, G.C., Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing XVIII, 11 April 2007, Orlando, FL, USA
Proceedings of SPIE
Identifier: 222984
doi: doi:10.1117/12.718602
Article number: 65431B
Keywords: Electronics · Laser dazzling, · Focal plane array cameras · Countermeasures · Infrared.


Laser countermeasures against infrared focal plane array cameras aim to saturate the full camera image. In this paper we will discuss the results of three different dazzling experiments performed with MWIR lasers and show that the obtained results are independent of the read-out mechanism of the camera and can be explained by an expression derived from the point spread function of the optics. This expression also allows us to estimate the required laser power to saturate a complete focal plane array in a camera system. Simulated Images with simulated dazzling effects based on this expression will be shown.