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Response of fibrinolytic activity and factor VIII-related antigen to stimulation with desmopressin in hyperlipoproteinemia

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Author: Brommer, E.J.P. · Leuven, J.A.G. · Barrett-Bergshoeff, M.M. · Schouten, J.A.
Institution: Gaubius instituut TNO
Source:Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine, 1, 100, 105-114
Identifier: 229281
Keywords: Biology · adrenalin · beta adrenergic receptor blocking agent · blood clotting factor 8 · clofibrate · desmopressin · low density lipoprotein · minisin · unclassified drug · blood and hemopoietic system · cardiovascular disease · cardiovascular system · fibrinolysis · hyperlipoproteinemia · major clinical study · Adult · Aged · Antigens · Argipressin · Cardiovascular Diseases · Cholesterol · Chylomicrons · Comparative Study · Desmopressin · Factor VIII · Female · Fibrinolysis · Human · Hyperlipoproteinemia · Male · Middle Age · Plasminogen Activators · Risk · Serum Globulins · Support, Non-U.S. Gov't · Triglycerides


Impairment of fibrinolysis is supposed to contribute to CVD. In 38 hyperlipoproteinemic patients, known to be at risk for early CVD, fibrinolytic activity was measured before and after stimulation with DDAVP. A negative correlation was found between serum triglyceride levels and fibrinolytic activity, both before and after DDAVP. A subnormal activity was invariably found when serum triglyceride concentration was above 8 mmol/L. The defect can be attributed to low levels of extrinsic plasminogen activator. High cholesterol levels were not associated with impairment of fibrinolyis. Fibrinolytic activity and response to DDAVP were lowest in those patients with hypertriglyceridemia who also had a tendency to develop hyperchylomicronemia (type V/IV). The low fibrinolytic activity in this type of hyperlipoproteinemia cannot be explained by obesity. Factor VIII was higher than normal in most patients with hyperlipoproteinemia; the level increased after stimulation with DDAVP in every patient. This imbalance between coagulation and fibrinolysis might increase the risk of CVD. Chemicals/CAS: adrenalin, 51-43-4, 55-31-2, 6912-68-1; blood clotting factor 8, 9001-27-8; clofibrate, 637-07-0; desmopressin, 16679-58-6; Antigens; Argipressin, 113-79-1; Cholesterol, 57-88-5; Chylomicrons; Desmopressin, 16679-58-6; Factor VIII, 9001-27-8; Plasminogen Activators, EC 3.4.21.-; Serum Globulins; Triglycerides