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COBACORE Community Based Comprehensive Recovery : D3.1: Mock-ups of interface of COBACORE workspace and functional behaviour of CORBCORE - WP3 Concept development and support mechanisms

Author: Neef, R.M. · Streefkerk, J.W. · Buul-Besseling, K. van · Rijken, M.
Publisher: European Union
Place: Brussels
Identifier: 535240
Report number: FP7-SEC-2012-1 ; EU Agreement number 313308
Keywords: Safety · Disaster management · Recovery · Informatio framework · Data processing · Safety and Security · Defence, Safety and Security · Behavioural Changes ; Organisation ; Human · NO - Networked Organisations ; PCS - Perceptual and Cognitive Systems ; HOI - Human Behaviour & Organisational Innovations · ELSS - Earth, Life and Social Sciences


D3.1 describes the core feature set of the COBACORE platform, the underlying assumptions and information elements, and introduces a number of interaction patterns. D3.1 is a guiding document that serves as a blueprint for the actual implementation of the COBACORE platform, and that can be used by other work packages to guide the implementation and evaluation of the platform.