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In-line height profiling metrology sensor for zero defect production control

Author: Snel, R. · Winters, J. · Liebig, T. · Jonker, W.A.
Publisher: SPIE
Source:Lehmann, P.Goncalves, A.A.Osten, W., Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection X, 2017, 26-29 June 2017, 10329
Identifier: 781341
ISBN: 9781510611030
Article number: 1032933
Keywords: Electronics · Defects · Delay control systems · Optical data processing · Optical testing · Optical variables measurement · Production control · Sensors · Time delay · Units of measurement · Advanced manufacturing · Height profiling · In-line metrology · Industry4.0 · Zero defects · Process control · High Tech Systems & Materials · Industrial Innovation · Nano Technology · OM - Opto-Mechatronics · TS - Technical Sciences


Contemporary production systems of mechanical precision parts show challenges as increased complexity, tolerances shrinking to sub-microns and yield losses that must be mastered to the extreme. More advanced automation and process control is required to accomplish this task. Often a solution based on feedforward/feedback control is chosen requiring innovative and more advanced in line metrology. This article concentrates first on the context of in line metrology for process control and then on the development of a specific in line height profiling sensor. The novel sensor technology is based on full field time domain white light interferometry which is well know from the quality lab. The novel metrology system is to be mounted close to the production equipment, as required to minimize time delay in the control loop, and is thereby fully exposed to vibrations. This sensor is innovated to perform in line with an orders of magnitude faster throughput than laboratory instruments; it's robust to withstand the rigors of workshops and has a height resolution that is in the nanometer range.