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Nutritional and psychological status of young women after a short-term use of a triphasic contraceptive steroid preparation

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Author: Massé, P.G. · Berg, H. van den · Livingstone, M.M. · Duguay, C. · Beaulieu, G.
Institution: Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO TNO Voeding
Source:International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research, 3, 68, 203-207
Identifier: 234505
Keywords: Nutrition · Estrogen · MMPI · Nutritional status · Oral contraceptives · Psychological disturbances · Ethinylestradiol plus norgestrel · Ferritin · Oral contraceptive agent · Pyridoxine · Blood · Chemically induced disorder · Female · Human · Mental disease · Nutritional status · Psychologic test · Adult · Contraceptives, Oral · Ethinyl Estradiol-Norgestrel Combination · Female · Ferritins · Humans · Mental Disorders · Nutritional Status · Psychological Tests · Pyridoxine


The present study was aimed to assess the psychological status of young healthy women after the administration of a triphasic contraceptive steroid preparation for six complete menstrual cycles. Subjects had never used oral contraceptives (OC) and had neither a familial history of depression nor psychological disturbances. OC-induced psychological disturbances were interpreted for years as evidence of pyridoxine (vitamin B6) deficiency. Other nutritional deficiencies, namely in cobalamin, folate and iron, can disturb the functioning of the central nervous system. In addition, a deficiency of any of these nutrients can lead to several anemia-induced symptoms that are highly susceptible to influence the psychological status. For ample evidence, nutritional status was then evaluated in parallel to psychological testing. Blood iron and vitamin levels of interest were found to be adequate and could not have biaised the response to a psychological test (MMPI). This study showed that a 6-month Triphasil® treatment did not modify significantly the psychological status of subjects. To our knowledge, this is the first psychological study on young never OC-users taking an identical triphasic contraceptive steroid preparation to investigate early psychological side-effects due to OC, at a similar time of the menstrual cycle, when nutritional status was also evaluated. Chemicals/CAS: Contraceptives, Oral; Ethinyl Estradiol-Norgestrel Combination, 8056-51-7; Ferritins, 9007-73-2; Pyridoxine, 65-23-6