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Image-based aircraft pose estimation: a comparison of simulations and real-world data


Author: Breuers, M. · Reus, N.M. de
Publisher: SPIE
Place: Bellingham, WA
Institution: TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium
Source:Sadjadi, F.A., Automatic target recognition XI, 17 April 2001, Orlando, FL, 8 p.
Proceedings of SPIE
Identifier: 95492
doi: doi:10.1117/12.445395
Keywords: Physics · Computer vision · Fourier descriptors · Pose estimation · Target recognition · Algorithms · Cameras · Computer vision · Electric filters · Error analysis · Target recognition · Tracking (position)


The problem of estimating aircraft pose information from mono-ocular image data is considered using a Fourier descriptor based algorithm. The dependence of pose estimation accuracy on image resolution and aspect angle is investigated through simulations using sets of synthetic aircraft images. Further evaluation shows that good pose estimation accuracy can be obtained in real world image sequences.