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Pulmonary response of hamsters to fibrous glass: Chronic effects of repeated intratracheal instillation with or without benzo[a]pyrene

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Author: Feron, V.J. · Scherrenberg, P.M. · Immel, H.R. · Spit, B.J.
Institution: Centraal Instituut voor Voedingsonderzoek TNO
Source:Carcinogenesis, 10, 6, 1495-1499
Identifier: 230004
Keywords: Benzo[a]pyrene · Crocidolite · Glass fiber · Animal experiment · Animal model · Biological model · Endotracheal intubation · Hamster · Histology · Histopathology · Lung · Lung fibrosis · Nonhuman · Pneumoconiosis · Respiratory system · Therapy · Animal · Asbestos · Benzo(a)pyrene · Glass · Granuloma · Hamsters · Lung · Male · Mesocricetus · Silicosis · Support, Non-U.S. Gov't · Time Factors


Syrian golden hamsters were given intratracheal instillations of glass fibres with or without benzo[a]pyrene suspended in saline, once a fortnight for 52 weeks. The experiment was terminated at week 85. 'Silicotic granulomas' consisting of tightly packed, iron-positive macrophages filled with glass fibres and surrounded by a layer of alveolar epithelial cells were the predominant pulmonary lesion. No mesotheliomas or other tumours of the respiratory tract were observed in hamsters treated with glass fibres alone. There was no indication that glass fibres enhanced the development of respiratory tract tumours induced by benzo[a]pyrene. In hamsters similarly exposed to crocidolite fibres with or without benzo[a]pyrene no mesotheliomas or other respiratory tract tumours were observed either. An explanation for the absence of pulmonary tumours might be that repeated administration of fibres over a period of 52 weeks entails an acute pulmonary reaction after each administration with the implication that the fibres cannot settle down well enough to be able to induce tumours. Another possible explanation is the relatively short duration of the experimental period. Chemicals/CAS: benzo[a]pyrene, 50-32-8; crocidolite, 12001-28-4, 53799-46-5, 61105-31-5; Asbestos, 1332-21-4; Benzo(a)pyrene, 50-32-8; Glass