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Simple in-car route guidance information from another perspective: Modality versus coding

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Author: Verwey, W.B.
Institution: Instituut voor Zintuigfysiologie TNO
Source:Reekie, D.H.M.Case, E.R.Tsai, J., First Vehicle Navigation and Information Systems Conference (VNIS '89), September 11-13, Toronto, 56-60
Identifier: 6768
Keywords: Automobile Drivers--Simulators/Physical Mock-Ups · Information Dissemination--Speech Communication · Systems Science and Cybernetics--Man Machine Systems · Audio Navigation Aids · Car Route Guidance · Electronic Navigation Aids · Navigational Errors · Vehicles


A previous field study concerning electronic navigation aids showed the advantage, in terms of navigational errors, of auditory presentation of route guidance instructions as compared to visual instructions (see W. B. Verwey and W. H. Janssen, 1988). In the present work, an experiment that tries to approach the issue of optimal route instructions in a more controlled environment is reported. Under conditions of severe perceptual-motor load, subjects were to interpret route instructions with slides depicting real-world junctions. The results showed the advantage of verbal over spatial information. No significant effect of presentation modality was found. Implications for presentation of route guidance instructions are given.