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A CMOS image sensor with row and column profiling means

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Author: Xie, N. · Theuwissen, A.J.P. · Wang, X. · Leijtens, J.A.P. · Hakkesteegt, H. · Jansen, H.
Source:IEEE Sensors, SENSORS 2008, 26-29 October 2009, Lecce, Italy, 1356-1359
Proceedings of IEEE Sensors
Identifier: 241228
Article number: No.: 4716697
Keywords: CMOS image sensor · Column profiles · Digital sun sensor · MOS transistors · P-type · Power Consumption · Digital cameras · Digital image storage · Pixels · Transistor transistor logic circuits · Image sensors


This paper describes the implementation and firstmeasurement results of a new way that obtains row and column profile data from a CMOS Image Sensor, which is developed for a micro-Digital Sun Sensor (μDSS).The basic profiling action is achieved by the pixels with p-type MOS transistors which realize a so-called "Winner Takes It All (WTIA) [1][2]" principle. The WTIA implementation improves the μDSS system greatly on speed and power consumption. In this way the sensor is ideally suited for a digital sun sensor intended for astronomy applications. © 2008 IEEE.