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Effect of variable protein contents in diets containing Phaseolus vulgaris beans on performance, organ weights and blood variables in piglets, rats and chickens

Author: Huisman, J. · Poel, A.F.B. van der · Mouwen, J.M.V.M. · Weerden, E.J. van
Source:British Journal of Nutrition, 3, 64, 755-764
Identifier: 231359
doi: doi:10.1079/BJN19900077
Keywords: Antinutritional factors · Phaseolus vulgaris · Piglet · Lectin · Animal experiment · Animal tissue · Chicken · Nonhuman · Protein intake · Amino Acids · Animal · Animal Feed · Comparative Study · Dietary Proteins · Fabaceae · Organ Weight · Phytohemagglutinins · Plants, Medicinal · Poultry · Rats · Rats, Inbred Strains · Swine · Trypsin Inhibitors · Weight Gain · Animalia · Gallus gallus · Phaseolus vulgaris · Sus scrofa


A comparison was made of the effects of antinutritional factors present in Phaseolus vulgaris on piglets, rats and chickens. Also the hypothesis of whether the negative effect on weight gain due to the inclusion of raw Phaseolus vulgaris in the diet can be attributed to an insufficient supply of amino acids was tested. Test diets containing 200 g raw Phaseolus beans/kg were balanced for digestible protein and amino acids; in one diet extra casein was incorporated. The main response criteria were live-weight gain and the weight of various organs including the intestine. Live-weight gain in piglets was markedly reduced during feeding 200 g raw Phaseolus vulgaris/kg in the diet, but not in rats and chickens. Addition of casein did not improve the weight gain of the piglets, indicating that a toxic factor was responsible for the reduced weight gain and not an insufficient supply of amino acids. The weights of the spleen and thymus were markedly reduced in the piglets when the diets with raw Phaseolus beans were given, but not in the rats and chickens. Additional supply of casein did not change this effect. Indications were found that when the supply of dietary protein is adequate there is no reduction in pancreas weight with raw Phaseolus beans as was obversed in previous experiments. The weight of the intestine was increased in all three species due to feeding raw Phaseolus vulgaris.