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IMPACT: A Tool for R&D Management of Circular Economy Innovations

Author: Verstraeten-Jochemsen, J. · Keijzer, E. · Harmelen, T. van · Kootstra, L. · Kuindersma, P. · Koch, R.
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Source:Fantke, P.Dong, Y.Laurent, A.Olsen, S.I.Bey, N.Niero, M.Leclerc, A., 25th CIRP Conference on Life Cycle Engineering, , CIRP LCE 2018. 30 April 2018 through 2 May 2018, 69, 769-774
Identifier: 810143
doi: doi:10.1016/j.procir.2017.11.096
Keywords: Economics · Circular economy · Impact assessment · Multiple value creation · R&D management · Environment & Sustainability · Urbanisation


It has been suggested that the transition towards a more circular economy requires multiple value creation, bui classical R&D management tools are not developed for easy assessment of circular economy innovations. We have developed a framework to support R&D in the assessment of such innovations on three levels of implementation (project production chain and society) and on three levels of detail (quick scan, brief assessment and thorough assessment) On the project level. capacity building is analyseti; on the production chain level. 'circular' performance is measured, on the societal level. the sustainability of the product is evaluated. The framework is being applied to wood products for the construction sector. Waste wood in the Netherlands is currently often incinerated with energy recovery. bat in consultation with stakeholders we are considering several potentially more valuable alternatives. With this case study, the developed framework is showing potential to steer R&D decisions in support of a more circular economy