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Privacy enhanced personal services for smart grids

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Author: Erkin, Z. · Veugen, P.J.M.
Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery
Source:Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security november 2014, 7-12
Identifier: 527752
doi: doi:10.1145/2667190.2667193
Keywords: Informatics · Cryptography · Performance · Privacy · Secret sharing · Smart energy grid · Automation · Cryptography · Data privacy · Electric power transmission networks · Intelligent buildings · Smart meters · Business partners · Electrical devices · Performance · Personal services · Personalized service · Research communities · Secret sharing · Smart energies · Smart power grids · Communication & Information · ISEC - Information Security · TS - Technical Sciences


Millions of people are now increasingly using smart devices at home to improve the quality of their lives. Unfortunately, the smart devices that we use at home for comfort and sim-plicity make our lives more complicated in terms of man-agement due to several issues like mismatching interfaces and complexity of the micro-management. One approach to manage smart homes is to enable the utility provider, which has direct access to electrical devices via smart meters. It is expected that the data collected for the management can also be utilized for other personalized services using other business partners. In this paper, we address these personal-ized services and argue that privacy is a serious consideration for the deployment of the new business ideas. We provide a scientific method to provide new services for smart homes while protecting the privacy-sensitive data. To the best of our knowledge, privacy enhanced new services based on the utilization of smart meter data have not been considered by the research community.