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Disclosing digital archives on an iPod : pilot results from the Dutch Glass Museum

Author: Boer, J. de · Limonard, S. · Odding, A.
Institution: TNO Informatie- en Communicatietechnologie
Source:DISH 2009
Identifier: 431198
Keywords: Informatics


Museums are active online in numerous ways, but the experiences that are offered often take place outside the physical location of the museum. The Glass museum has aimed at creating an iPod application that should enrich the experience in the physical location of the museum by means of using their recently digitized collection. During the pilot of the iPod application TNO carried out research in order to find out to what extent and how the digitized collection could be used to allow visitors to explore a wide range of content in their visit to the museum. The pilot resulted in some valuable insights that were used in optimising the iPod application to a redesign. The main finding was the necessity in creating a seamless experience between the online and offline experience. The fact that in the redesign the visitor needs fewer clicks to come to the information they are interested in, and the fact that the information that is offered on the iPod application could not be offered by any other means in the museum, made sure that the iPod application focuses on the specific elements it can add to the museum experience. Because the application could be tested in the physical location of the museum, it was possible to identify what was of most value to the visitors of the museum in an early stage of the development. Introducing the mobile application in the museum as a way to use a digital collection of data is only the first step towards a different museum experience.