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First results of the VIERS-1 experiment

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Author: Halsema, D. van · Jaehne, B. · Oost, W.A. · Calkoen, C.J. · Snoeij, P.
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Place: Dordrecht
Institution: Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium TNO
Source:Komen, G.J.Oost, W.A., Radar Scattering from Modulated Wind Waves - Proceedings of the Workshop on Modulation of Short Wind Waves in the Gravity-Capillary Range by Non-Uniform Currents, held in Bergen aan Zee, The Netherlands, 24-26 May 1988, 49-57
Identifier: 94194
Keywords: Radar


In February 1988, cornbined measurements of microwave backscatler, wind, waves and gas exchange have been carried out in the large Delft lHydraulics wind/rwave tank. This experiment was the first in a series of experimeuts in the frame of the VIERS-1 project. In this project a number of Dutch and German laborabories cooperate. Main objective is to come to a physical descriplion of the processes involved in wind scatterometry and, from that point, to an improvement of the algorithms used for determination of wind speed and direction from satellite borne microwave scatterometers. A second objective is to study the relation between the gas exchange at the water surface and the microwave backscatter. To achieve these objectives two wind/wave tank experiments and one ocean based platform experiment are scheduled. In this paper, the VIERS-1 programme will be outlined. The Delft wind/wave tank experiment will be described and some first results of a preliminary comparison of backscatter and wave slope measurements will be shown.