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Augmented Teams -- Assembling Smart Sensors, Intelligent Networks and Humans into Agile Task Groups

Author: Neef, R.M. · Rijn, M. van · Marck, J.W. · Keus, D.
Institution: TNO Defensie en Veiligheid
Source:14th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium (ICCRTS) - C2 and Agility - 15-17 June, 2009, Washingron, DC
Identifier: 273964
Keywords: Command and control · Distributed sensor networks · Networked adaptive interactive hybrid systems · Augmented teams · Man machine interactions · Adaptive autonomy · Task delegation


Safety and security environments are full of networked devices. Despite ample research on sensor networks and network technology, there is little practical comprehensive work on how to incorporate such technologies effectively into human-centered teams. This paper discusses the challenge of assembling networks of smart sensors, systems and humans into hybrid teams that are capable, effective and adaptive. We propose a functional model and illustrate how it can be used to create ‘augmented teams’. We use the Networked Adaptive Interactive Hybrid Systems (NAIHS) model as a blueprint. NAIHS is a JDL-based model, and describes a typical sensor-data driven networked system from a functional point of view. NAIHS considers both human actors and artificial entities to fulfill functional components, and sets the stage for inducing agility and adaptivity in hybrid systems. We focus on the interaction between human and artificial counterparts, with specific attention to task delegation, role adjustment and adaptive autonomy. We introduce design guidelines and interaction contracts to facilitate task- and teamwork between human and artificial actors in augmented teams.