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Awareness Development Across Perspectives Tool (ADAPT)

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Author: Petiet, P. · Maanen, P.P. van · Bemmel, I.E. van · Vliet, A.J. van
Source:Proceedings of the 15th International Command and Control Research and Technology Symposium, Santa Monica, CA, June 22-24, 2010
Identifier: 462348
Keywords: Informatics · Human · PCS - Perceptual and Cognitive Systems · BSS - Behavioural and Societal Sciences


Reality can be viewed from several perspectives or disciplines. Due to their background, training and education, soldiers developed a military perspective which is not solely restricted to kinetic activities. In current missions, military personnel is confronted with a reality in which other perspectives play important roles, such as social-cultural, socialpsychological, social-economic, governmental, and political perspectives. To reach desired effects it is necessary to view and share the mission context from multiple perspectives during the collection and analysis of information (Intelligence), during the planning and implementation of operations and activities (Decision making), during the deployment, adjustment and monitoring of operations (C2), and during the evaluation of obtained effects (Operation Analysis). This paper describes an approach to integrate various perspectives into a mission, namely by the development of a set of instruments which support task force commanders in multidisciplinary thinking. In this preliminary study, small (multi)disciplinary project teams of subject matter experts have been set up to formulate significant determinants, mediators and consequences relevant to the delineated perspective. The perspectives together intuitively represent targets and clusters of behaviors that can be influenced, and facilitate which type of interventions can be formulated, how they should be implemented and their (higher-order) effects evaluated.