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Demonstration of two forms of A2-antiplasmin in plasma by modified crossed immunoelectrophoresis

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Author: Kluft, C. · Los, N.
Institution: Gaubius instituut TNO
Source:Thrombosis Research, 1-2, 21, 65-71
Identifier: 229004
Keywords: Biology · Animal · Antiplasmin · Blood Preservation · Freezing · Human · Immune Sera · Immunoelectrophoresis · Immunoelectrophoresis, Two-Dimensional · Plasminogen · Rabbits


A procedure to demonstrate two forms of ??2-antiplasmin in plasma, a plasminogen-binding and a non-plasminogen-binding one, is described. The procedure involves crossed immunoelectrophoresis using antiserum against ??2-antiplasmin, with, in the first dimension electrophoresis, lys-plasminogen added to the plasma and the agarose gel. A discrete portion of the inhibitor changes from alpha mobility to beta mobility, apparently due to the formation of a reversible plasminogen-inhibitor complex. Retardation is observed in the presence of lys-plasminogen but not of glu-plasminogen. The ratio between plasminogen binding (retarded) and non-plasminogen-binding (not retarded) portions of the inhibitor is approximately 6.5:3.5 in normal plasma as judged from the area of immunoprecipitates. The occurrence of the two forms could be demonstrated in plasma as well as serum of individuals, also in very fresh samples, suggesting its occurrence in the circulation in vivo. The procedure, described provides an analytical method to study the occurrence and variations in the two forms of ??2-antiplasmin. Chemicals/CAS: antiplasmin, 9049-68-7; Antiplasmin; Immune Sera; Plasminogen, 9001-91-6