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Coördinatie en besluitvorming in het ROT

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Author: Koning, L. de · Buul-Besseling, K. van · Huis in 't Veld, M.M.A. · Dongen, C.J.G. van · Hemert, D.A. van · Paulissen, R.T.
Identifier: 447041
Keywords: Safety · Safety and Security · Defence, Safety and Security · Human · HOI - Human Behaviour & Organisational Innovations · BSS - Behavioural and Societal Sciences


MANAGEMENT SUMMARY MIRROR: MULTIDISCIPLINARY INTERACTION FRAMEWORK TO IMPROVE COORDINATION A large part of the Netherlands is below sea level and also vulnerable to river flooding. When there is an emerging threat of floods a collective effort of multiple organizations is needed to reduce its probability and impact. Crisis management organizations are formed and liaisons of waterboards and representatives of the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management take seat in the crisis management teams of the safety regions. Besides these liaisons, there are representatives of the police department, the fire department, the emergency health services and the municipalities that are involved. The water boards have important information about flood risk like expected water levels and dike stability. Together with the information and expertise of the other team members, decisions are made about for instance evacuation and warning. Since information sharing is often a problem between different disciplines (Van Santen, Jonker, & Wijngaards, 2009) we identified factors affecting information sharing, advice-giving and coordination. Based on a literature review and interviews with domain experts, we defined three groups: situational factors (e.g. time pressure), team factors (e.g. team maturity, diversity) and psychological mechanisms (e.g. attention and heuristics). A training module is developed that makes members of these multidisciplinary crisis management teams aware of these factors using a tool we call MIRROR. The training is intended to improve information-sharing between members of multidisciplinary teams which must lead to better informed and timely decisions.