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Network and Service Monitoring in Heterogeneous Home Networks

Author: Delphinanto, A.
Publisher: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Place: Eindhoven
Identifier: 464438
ISBN: 978-90-386-3094-6
Keywords: Home networks · Home applications · Household appliances · Household devices · Interconnection · Performance · Quality of service · Service monitoring · Vital ICT Infrastructure · Information Society · Communication & Information · NT - Network Technology · TS - Technical Sciences


Home networks are becoming dynamic and technologically heterogeneous. They consist of an increasing number of devices which offer several functionalities and can be used for many different services. In the home, these devices are interconnected using a mixture of networking technologies (for example, CAT-5, wireless, coaxial cable, or power-line). However, interconnecting these devices is often not easy. The increasing heterogeneity has led to significant device- and service-management complexity. In addition, home networks provide a critical "last meters" access to the public telecom and Internet infrastructure and have a dramatic impact on to the end-to-end reliability and performance of services from these networks. This challenges service providers not only to maintain a satisfactory quality of service level in such heterogeneous home networks, but also to remotely monitor and troubleshoot them. The present thesis work contributes research and several solutions in the field of network and service monitoring in home networks, mainly in three areas: (1) providing automatic device- and service-discovery and configuration, (2) remote management, and (3) providing quality of service (QoS). etc.