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ARC: A camcopter based mine field detection system

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Author: Schutte, K. · Sahli, H. · Schrottmayer, D. · Eisl, M. · Varas, F.J. · Bajic, M. · Uppsall, M. · Breejen, E. den
Institution: TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium
Source:Proceedings of the 5th International Airborne Remote Sensing Conference, 17-20 September 2001, San Francisco, CA
Identifier: 95410
Keywords: Physics · Anti personnel mines · Mine detection · Land mines · Mine field indicators · Camcopter · Multi sensor · Sensor fusion · Mine fields


The area affected with antipersonnel land mines in 56 infested countries is estimated to be 1 Mio km. This represents a serious threat to the human lives and a major obstacle for the development of the polluted region. The objective of ARC is to develop, demonstrate and promote a new system for performing the UN Level 2 surveys allowing a quick reduction of suspected mine-polluted areas and post- cleaning quality control. The ARC-system is based on a Camcopter UAV, optical, infrared and hyperspectral sensors and a Mine Information System supported by a Geographical Information System. The sensor data will be processed to extract mine field indicators. The sensor fusion module will combine the mine field indicators with the GIS information to achieve optimal minefield delineation. It is our intention to have the ARC system as soon as possible operational in the field which is supported by early field tests and an evolutionary development path. The project will lead to a demonstration of the system in a mine affected area in Croatia showing its usefulness to potential end users.