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Tactile information presentation : Navigating in virtual environments

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Author: Erp, J.B.F. van
Source:First International Workshop on Haptic Human-Computer Interaction. University of Glasgow, 8-11
Identifier: 9954
Keywords: Virtual environment · Tactile displays · Cutaneous · Haptic · Navigation · Orientation


Even state–of–the–art virtual environments (VEs) are often restricted to the visual modality only. The use of the tactile modality might not only result in an increased immersion, but may also enhance performance. An example that will be discussed in this paper is the use of the tactile channel to present navigation information. The lack of a wide visual field of view in VEs excludes the use of peripheral vision and may therefore degrade navigation, orientation, motion perception, and object detection. Tactile actuators applied to the torso, however, have a 360° horizontal ‘field of touch’, and may therefore be suited to compensate for the degraded visual information.