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Persistence of the anti-cholinesterase soman in rats: Antagonism with a non-toxic simulator of this organophosphate

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Author: Wolthuis, O.L. · Benschop, H.P. · Berends, F.
Institution: Medisch Biologisch Laboratorium TNO
Source:European Journal of Pharmacology, 3, 69, 379-383
Identifier: 229049
Keywords: Biology · Acetylcholinesterase · Atropine · Soman · Animal experiment · Controlled study · Drug intoxication · Intoxication · Intravenous drug administration · Rat · Simulator · Sustained release preparation · Acetylcholinesterase · Animal · Male · Organophosphorus Compounds · Pyridinium Compounds · Rats · Soman · Time Factors


Anaesthetized, atropinized rats were posioned with 6x LD50 soman (1,2,2-trimethylpropyl methylphosphonofluoridate). Purified acetylcholinesterase, injected i.v. 75 min later, was rapidly inhibited, presumably by soman stored in a 'depot' from which it was gradually released. Existence of a depot is supported by the effect of a soman-simulator ('som-sim'), an organophosphonate structurally similar to soman but devoid of anti-cholinesterase activity. Som-sim can expel soman from the depot, to counteract its formation. Som-sim prophylaxis greatly enhances survival. Chemicals/CAS: acetylcholinesterase, 9000-81-1; atropine, 51-55-8, 55-48-1; soman, 96-64-0; Acetylcholinesterase, EC; HI 6, 34433-31-3; Organophosphorus Compounds; Pyridinium Compounds; Soman, 96-64-0