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Witnessman: The software tool to design, analyse and assess a witness pack with respect to military and medical effects on an (UN)protected (DIS)mounted soldier

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Author: Verhagen, Th.L.A. · Kemper, R. · Huisjes, H. · Knijnenburg, S.G. · Pronk, A. · Klink, M.H. van
Publisher: DEStech Publications Inc.
Source:Flis, W.Scott, B., 22nd International Symposium on Ballistics. 14 November 2005 through 18 November 2005, 1341-1348
Identifier: 782371
ISBN: 1932078525 · 9781932078527
Keywords: Defence · Ballistics · Computer software · Ballistic experiment · Experimental conditions · Experimental research · Financial aspects · Fragment impacts · Integrated software · Overall process · Proof of concept · Computer aided software engineering · Defence Research · Defence, Safety and Security · 2015 Observation, Weapon & Protection Systems · WS - Weapon Systems · TS - Technical Sciences


Witness packs are widely used to enable the characterization of fragments generated during ballistic experiments. To assess the effect of fragment impact on an exposed (dis)mounted soldier a follow-up Vulnerability/ Lethality (V/L) simulation is essential. The overall process is elaborative and time consuming. This paper presents a ‘proof of concept’ of WitnessMan, an integrated software tool to support: • the design of the witness pack, including experimental conditions and restrictions, V/L assessment demands and financial aspects; • the in-the-field ‘real-time’ analysis of the exposed witness pack for a first characterisation of the fragment cloud; • the in-the-field ‘real-time’ human V/L assessment in terms of the military and medical effects on an exposed, (un)protected soldier. WitnessMan incorporates knowledge of many different fields of TNO research and enables the ability to adapt the witness pack configuration during the experiments to improve the fragment discrimination and thus improve the overall value of experimental research.